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Striking a Balance  – Why can’t my friends and I be on the same team… One of the AYSO philosophies is balanced teams. Teams are formed each season, and all assignments are based on data provided, such as age, weight, height, experience and gender.  Coaches are not permitted to recruit players or handpick their team.  Likewise, parents cannot select a particular coach.  The only specific assignments for teams will involve requests for sibling groups or the assignment of the coach’s children.
What equipment is needed?
What if my child drops out and I would like to request a refund?
Who will coach my child’s team?
Who runs my AYSO Region?
What am I expected to do as an AYSO parent?
How do I become an AYSO volunteer?
How does AYSO protect its athletes?
How do you play soccer?
What are basic soccer skills?
What are the soccer positions?
What are the rules?
What is offside?
Who are the officials?
How is the field set up?
What are fouls?
Does AYSO have programs for children with special needs?
What is good sportsmanship?
How did AYSO begin?
How is AYSO organized?