Spring Photo Schedule

Team photo schedule for Spring 2010 is now available here in pdf format or check listing below.
AYSO Spring Photos
Saturday, March 27, 2010

Location: On baseball field across from Park and Recreation Department. In event of inclement weather, photos will be taken inside Park and Rec center.

Time Div. Coach/Team
8:30AM U10 Herrell 2
8:45AM U10 Herrell 1
9:00AM U10 Ward/Wyss
9:15AM U6 Bond
9:30AM U8 Gibson-Herrell
9:45AM U6 Murrell
10:00AM U8 Grills
10:15AM U6 Eidson
10:30AM U6 Cogdell
10:45AM U6 Silvers
11:00AM U6 Martin
11:15AM U8 Kojundic
11:30AM U6 Simpson
11:45AM U8 Wilson
12:00PM U6 Elkins
12:15PM U8 Ward
12:30PM U6 Couch
12:45PM U12 Bennett
1:00 PM U6 Horton
1.15PM U8 MacLellan

Photos will be taken by Captured Photography of Johnson City.
Arrive 15 minutes early to complete your order form.
Payment is due at time of session.
Even if you are not purchasing, please try to attend for the team photo.