Dispute Resolution

If you are a member of the AYSO Region 1336 Soccer Organization, which includes Players, Parents, Guardians, Coaches, Referees, Volunteers and Staff, you are entitled to a positive, fun and fair experience associated with playing and watching Region 1336 soccer games.

You are also entitled, if you are not happy, to submit in writing any complaint and/or suggestions, which you feel would improve our program.  We request that you use the form provided  and prior to submitting a complaint or suggestion, you consider whether your comments are consistent with the Parents Pledge and AYSO’s Basic Philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays – At least half of very game.
  • Open Registration – AYSO has sign-ups, not try-outs. As long as there is space on a team, every child who signs up will play.
  • Balanced Teams – Skilled/talented players are evenly distributed among all teams to promote fair, balanced competition.
  • Positive Coaching – AYSO believes in building soccer skills and self-worth through encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  • Good Sportsmanship – AYSO has active programs to promote positive behavior on the field and on the sidelines.
  • Player Development – We view our players not only as athletes but as individuals. We want them to have fun, develop new skills and friendships and build positive character through participation.

Bear in mind, this process is provided to improve our program for all members.  It is not to resolve personal differences with others.

If you cannot resolve your differences, please complete the form provided and return to any AYSO board member or place it in a seal envelop and deposit into the blue field box.

AYSO Region 1336 Form